You need an organised environment to conduct your business without having to face any of the challenges and constraints faced in the informal and unorganized sectors


Hydra B2b, with a slew of services, helps you build your standards in your customer services, product quality, regulatory compliances & ESG credentials. Business development and growth is impossible without standards in place. The virtual world needs standards to overcome many grey areas that stand in the way of decision to transact with an unknown entity.


Global Trade is headed in the direction of supporting ” Off the shelf” engagements. It makes it possible for two entities to enter into an engagement without having to go through the costly and time-consuming process of due diligence and evaluation. Hydra B2b assists you to secure a TT certification to build your business with fewer constraints


Hydra B2b takes a number of steps to reduce the risk for both sides It uses a holistic approach to contain and manage the risks that are generally faced in an unorganised environment. It is in your interest to follow the recommended steps. The Risk Management System covers all critical aspects such as credit analysis and rating, performance rating, credit insurance, guarantee, references, reviews and order risk evaluation to minimise risk incidents and their impact on business


Are you at the right time at the right place to leverage a business opportunity?.Technology is making it possible for business systems to operate with greater insight & visibility in a seamless way on a near real-time basis. In a few years from now, the ability to stay ahead of the competition will be determined by these factors. Hydra B2b, will use collaborative tools, IoT and Big Data analytics to help you produce superior business outcomes


Standardised business processes and systems go a long way in strengthening the compatibility factor between trading entities. Hydra B2b, offers a range of services that would enable you to adopt highly standardised templates that colud even be automated at some stage


Hydra B2b, in alliance with its institutional partners, offers services that are aimed at facilitating a secure payment regime. Online trade needs a secure payment system to facilitate transactions between entities with no “engagement history”. There will be a constant endeavour to bolster this aspect to make this aspect as reliable as possible.