Not long ago, the concept of “virtual footfall” was virtually unknown to many. There were no marketing concepts either that spoke about an idea called “virtual footfall”. It is not a mystery anymore with B2c online systems taking a centre stage even in small tier 3 towns. Today bulk of online transactions is coming from Tier 1, 2 & 3 towns. This idea is not confined to the urban markets alone. Even the small towns have become equally adept at using online technologies to further their business.

Hydra B2b, however, has a different take on this concept. It believes “Marketing” cannot totally discard the “Personal” relationship that still plays a major role in building markets. It has, therefore, come up with a hybrid model that combines Technology and Sales Force to produce the personal touch in its engagement. A well trained and fully equipped sales force will drive the growth and development story of firms that trade on our platform.


Services relating to sales management is largely focused on promoting and selling the products and processes of the manufacturers at the premises of the registered buyers, wherever they are. Though nothing stops a buyer from trading online without waiting for the customary visit of a sales person, the crux of the matter is, a salesperson will visit the premises of a buyer every single month.


Hydra B2b promotional services, puts you ahead of even some of the large players in the business. The promotions, which are largely digital based, aims at producing a reach and result that conventional methods will find hard placed to match. Highly targeted promotions and visibility to outcomes as they unfold puts you in the driver seat to manage and optimize your spend on promotions


Hydra B2b, encourages its members to build a brand identity that says the most about who they are. Hydra B2b’s brand-related services not only assist you to become a brand in your rights but also be seen and known as one across the country


Order Management and Execution is a highly complex process that moves across several key milestones before it ends on a successful note delivering the right product at the right time and at the right place in the right quantity at the pre-agreed price and quality.

Hydra B2b’s services assist you in managing your OME process with the help of an OME tool that is designed to help you conduct the entire lifecycle starting from placement of order to final shipment. Hydra B2b, uses the same tool to assist buyers who outsource this function to us.


Markets have turned highly unpredictable with shelf lives for products shrinking to few weeks if not less. Trying to serve a market with a flawed understanding of its requirement is nothing short of a disaster. Here again, Hydra B2b puts you on an equal footing with services that are aimed at providing you with the intelligence and insights you need to take market-related decisions.


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