Keeping yourself fighting fit with the right resources, Knowledge, Skills and Technologies is an on-going process. However, with shelf lives of many KST’s dropping down to few months, it is not an easy proposition anymore. Such a situation can seriously undermine your ability to sustain and retain your competitive advantage. Hydra B2b believes the success of a trading system depends on the quality of the trading entities that trade on its platform. Our engagement with you, therefore, starts with keeping you fighting fit with services that have a direct bearing on your ability to compete successfully. These services help you overcome the disadvantage of scale and scope of your operations and they create a level playing field for you to compete on an equal footing.

“The capacity quotient of an entity is determined by 3 Cs that stands for the level of compatibility, competitiveness and competence is able to offer to a buyer. The 3Cs, in turn, depend on the quality of 3M that stands for Manpower (Knowledge & Skill Quotient), Material (quality of material used in the production) and Machine (Technologies, Processes and Methodologies) applied in the production of a product or service.”


Hydra B2b, has partnered with ICI to bridge the gap in infrastructure but at a cluster level. Being highly capital and technology intensive, we recommend our members to take a cluster approach if they have the numbers in place. Infrastructure development is offered in 4 key areas and they being Critical Infra, Manufacturing Infra, Business Infra and Util.ity Infra


Entrepreneurship skills that are needed to manage a business successfully has changed character in more ways than one, thanks to new technologies that are scripting new business paradigms that dont fit into conventional thinking and precepts.

Opportunities, Options, Tools and Technologies are different and unless new age entrepreneurs have a good grasp of these new ground realities and rules of the game, finding success is never going to be easy. Hydra B2b, offers a set of services to assist entrepreneurs bridge this gap.


Capacity to build a healthy top and bottom line relies on the ability of a business to “create” & “capture” value with a well-balanced Man, Machine and Material combination. The 3M s of current times dont come easy and are Knowledge, Skill and Technology Intensive.. Hydra B2b, here again creates a level playing field for you by helping you have access to these capital intensive KST to create & capture new values for a sustainable RCMIR quotient which basically means, Revenue, Cost, Margins, Investments and Risks. RCMIR is your hearbeat keep it healthy


The importance of standards in keeping the environment highly trade friendly is already known to the industry , however it is the process of achieving these standards that is fraught with many challenges. Hydra B2b offers you services to build your standards in 4 key areas and they being – Product Standards, Quality Standards & ESG Standards and


Access to Quality Funds at an affordable cost is a challenge faced by SMEs in general. This is a global phenomenon that keeps the SMEs from organised financial markets. Hydbra B2b financial services enable you to gain access to Institutional finance with most of the critical qualifying parameters in place. The financial literacy gained will strengthen your case to access institutional finance at lower rates of interest


The success of an entity in its business depends on its ability to produce products from paper to prototype or from “sketch” to “reality”.

Hydra B2b, packs a punch with some high-end services to strengthen your capacity to design and develop new products, faster and better than your competitors.

This module comprises a number of key services that are designed to build your capacity in conceptualization, identifying trends, creating themes, compiling tech pack, setting standards and meeting the fit and size requirements of the customers